Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sen. Corker on S.1348 today

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Sen. Bob Corker is on the Ralph Bristol talk radio program right now. He just stated that he would vote against this bill in it’s current form. He stated that any illegal alien currently in the country could come forth and get a Z visa with no intention of ever applying for a green card yet will be able to stay in the country indefinitely with no repercussions. He also has concerns regarding the operational enforcement of the bill. It’s one thing to say the bill includes strong enforcement measures but another to see if they are implemented and successful.

Sen. Corker called into Bristols program to request the interview. Corker reiterated his commitment to Tennesseans during his campaign to not support amnesty. Corker also said he’d met with the Administration to inform them of his concerns and stance on the bill.

Compared to Sen. Lamar Alexander’s interviews in the last couple days Corker’s interview was a breath of fresh air. Alexander danced around his stand and evaded any commitment. Alexander’s evasion pretty much said everything which is that Alexander is in favor of this amnesty and the only thing holding him back is that he’s running for re-election in 2008.

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