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One Way to Fight a Sanctuary City

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New Haven, Connecticut is going sanctuary city in a big and bold way. The town is encouraging illegal aliens to remain in the country through the issuance of municipal ID cards. Sanctuary cities exist under violation of federal law. Too bad no one on the federal level has the personal or professional integrity to enforce the law. The New Haven Register covers the criminal act with blissful ignorance.
“The New Haven Board of Aldermen Thursday took the first step toward New Haven becoming the first city in the country to issue a municipal identification card that would be available to all within its borders, including undocumented immigrants.

…Beyond that, the card was seen as an example for the rest of the country to follow to start to deal with the 12 million illegal immigrants in America, some 70,000 of whom are estimated to be living in Connecticut.

“This could be a step for New Haven to lead our country into the future,” Brennan said.”

I received an email yesterday from Paul Streitz, Co-Director of Connecticut Citizens for Immigration Control, on this very subject.
For Immediate Release

CTCIC Sends Warning Letter to DeStefano

CT Citizens for Immigration Control sent a warning letter to Mayor Tom DeStefano of New Haven. The letter asserts that an identification card for illegal aliens would be a criminal violation of U.S. Immigration Law by inducing illegal aliens to reside in the United States.

The letter says the mayor and city officials issuing an ID, plus any citizen or organizations accepting such an ID card, would be subject to fines and imprisonment.

In addition, the letter says that such an ID card and its acceptance would be criminal racketeering. Officials implementing an ID Card and citizens accepting it would be engaged in immigration racketeering would be subject to private law suits under RICO.

“Mayor DeStefano will be putting himself, the City Council and other New Haven residents in financial jeopardy by passing this bill,” says Mr. Streitz.

“If there is one person killed or injured by an illegal alien living in New Haven by homicide or vehicular accident, the mayor, the councilmen and anyone accepting this card would be personally liable,” says Mr. Streitz.

“The parents of a murdered child are not going to want to hear the Mayor’s praise of illegals,” says Mr. Streitz.”

Below is a copy of the letter CTCIC sent to New Haven, Connecticut Mayor Tom DeStefano.

CTCIC's warning letter to New Haven CT Mayor Tom Destefano

Using RICO to hold politicians personally liable for their cavalier criminal acts may or may not work. However, it certainly gives them something to ponder. Could an accident, like the one 17-year-old Alison Kunhardt and 16-year-old Tessa Tranchant were involved in, be the grounds for a ruinous lawsuit against politicians who openly break our laws? It is an interesting concept.

Residents of cities like New Haven should be voting the likes of DeStefano out office. Too bad Election Day wasn’t everyday. Which is why citizen actions like these are important. You may not be able to vote the idiots out on any given day but you can certainly let them know you don’t approve of their actions.

At the very least, this warning of potential personal liability, on the parts of New Haven’s political leaders, is a no uncertain terms statement against illegal immigration. It let’s our politicians know they are on the wrong side of the issue. We need more citizens speaking their minds on illegal immigration now more than ever. Contact your Senators, Congress Person and the White House to voice your opposition to the immigration amnesty bill. Join NumbersUSA today and they will help you do just that with amazing ease and simplicity.

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