Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Debating the Iraq surrender

I am sitting here listening to the House debate about the override vote and they are making me ill. I cannot understand how so many people can work so hard to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory.

We have not been at war in Iraq longer than WWII. The war was over in weeks, we are now fighting the peace which lasted 11 years after WWII.

This is not a civil war, these new big attacks are being done by al-Qaeda terrorists, not Iraqi insurgents.

When is the last major war we have actually won? I will tell you, WWII, after that date Congress has never declared war. They authorize the use of force, but Constitutionally, the President does not need Congress's permission to use the military. This is why the Korean and Vietnam war was called a police action. We left in defeat in Korea and we left in defeat in Vietnam. Now, Congress wants to make sure that we leave Iraq in defeat; we have become FRANCE!

Sweeper of the house stated that Iraq has nothing to do with the war on terror, that "war" is in Afghanistan... No you DUMB BITCH all the terrorists are not in Afghanistan! They are all over the world and allot of them are now fighting us in Iraq, which is better than fighting them here on our soil! The military is better able to fight terrorists than law enforcement and unfortunately "we the people". I personally would like to see "we the people" armed and trained to deal with terrorists.

Let me explain this to you people in a way you can understand; I am going to get in a fight with you right now and I am NOT setting a time table to when I am going to stop kicking your backside! When you give up I am going to continue to kick your backside until I am done.

Now, that you have wrapped your head around that scenario, wars end when one side is victorious over the other, period. If you stop fighting and leave, you have SURRENDERED and you have LOST; get it?

Thanks to you weak willed, spineless people and your elected cockroaches we have been defeated in Vietnam, Korea, Mogadishu, and now you wish to add Iraq. Tell me, when will you be demanding we pull out of Afghanistan?

You people make me sick...

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