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The Coming Revolution According to America Libre

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An apocalyptic vision of a nation driven to civil war by deep fissures in the American ethnic melting pot.A few weeks ago, I posted a piece called Illegal Immigration has the American People Cornered. The post served as a commentary on the disenfranchisement of American citizens. It looked at all of the avenues concerned citizens across the country have used to battle illegal immigration including legislative and judiciary action. Despite using almost all procedures afforded to us by the Constitution, this nation’s political elite still refuses the will of the majority the nations people. The post pointed out that there was one mechanism that was left for the people to employ as outlined by our Declaration of Independence.

While most feedback I received on the post was positive, one comment sticks in my mind.
“It was my interpretation that the [CTP] doesn’t want illegals here under any circumstance (did you look at the website?) You know my position on illegal immigration; however, the [CTP] appears to be ready to start a revolution against our current government IMO“.

In a response to this poster, I explained that inciting a revolution was not my intent. Rather my intent was merely to share my observations of disturbing events.

In light of this post and some of the sentiment it created, I found an article about a book called “America Libre” (ISBN: 0-595-42606-9), of great interest.
“a fictional book by Raul Ramos y Sanchez, highlights the growing social tension caused by illegal immigration and shows a possible outcome of the crisis - a civil war that leads to the redrawing of America’s borders.”

“with its controversial storyline - a possible insurrection within the United States sparked by the growing backlash against illegal immigration”

“It depicts the possible nightmare scenario of a United States torn with riots, revolution, and eventual civil war fueled by the backlash against illegal immigration.”

Having devoted a good deal of gray matter to the possibility of a second Civil War, it never occurred to me that things could unfold the way Raul Ramos y Sanchez depicts it in “America Libre”, a book that I have not read by the way.

While I was analyzing the possibility of Civil War II, in which I envision the American citizenry outraged to the point of taking the only means left to battle the injustice of illegal immigration, he has a different but yet parallel view of what could be an outcome of our ever increasing state of anarchy. I say parallel because both are a violent and radical outcome due to events in the present and very recent past.

I haven’t considered that the recent state of lawlessness and United States politicians pandering to foreign interests and people, would embolden these people of foreign lands, to the extent that they would wage a revolution against our government. Though I haven’t considered it, apparently that hasn’t prevented others from thinking along these lines.

The books first chapter opens with this quote…
“The origins of any political revolution parallel the beginnings of life on our planet. The amino acids and proteins lie inert in a volatile primordial brew until a random lightning strike suddenly brings them to life.

José Antonio Marcha, 1978
Translated by J. M. Herrera”

Interesting analogy. Is there any doubt that the “amino acids and proteins” are currently lying inert just waiting for that proverbial spark? Or has the spark already ignited the “primordial brew”?

While the vast majority of American citizens, brainwashed by an anti American mainstream media, indulges their preoccupation with MTV, iPods and the shallowness of celebrities as well as other mundane pursuits, the under currents of events and thought processes are totally ignored to the detriment of our our collective futures.

Will our political leaders heed the very disturbing warning signals that are abound and numerous? If so, how will they respond? Will it be with best interests of the American people in mind or will they continue down the road of anarchy and pandering to foreign lands, special interests and foreign people?

If recent history is any indication, I wouldn’t bet on them acting in a patriotic and honorable manner. Nor would I subscribe to their side of the wager that the American people have been sedated by the MSM and the political elite to the extent that we will just lie down and accept the destruction of our great nation.

In light of this, and as an insurance policy for my fellow patriots, I offer the following not so tongue in cheek advice. Buy and hoard canned food and bullets.

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This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email stiknstein-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.

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