Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Alipac Annie on the border

Cross posted from Freedom Folks:

One of the many friends we made at the Hold Their Feet To The Fire
event in DC was a gal I call AlIPAC Annie. Annie had to leave early as
she was headed directly to the New Mexico border with the Minutemen. I
made Annie promise to send us some pictures and reports, we got the
first one last night.

The pictures…

This is the “base camp” where they rest up and plan each nights mission.

This is where they gather to plan the nights missions and placements.

This is a layup site where illegal aliens dump everything extraneous before making the last push into this country.

Another shot of the layup site. Annie says she has more pictures
that show just how much trash illegal aliens are dumping into these
fragile ecosystems.

This is another layup site photo I have to give you an idea of how trashed these areas get.

Annie reports that they had nine sightings of illegal aliens groups
last night, but unfortunately zero apprehensions. We are expecting
another report any time now.  Please keep Annie in your prayers!

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