Friday, April 13, 2007

Violence against guardians an 'alarming trend'

From the Houston Chronicle:

Many times the victims are bruised in a fight or shoved down stairs. Others are stabbed with scissors. Last November, one was beaten to death with a hammer.

And the suspects, in more than 1,800 cases documented in Harris County over a recent 2½-year period, were their children.

One longtime prosecutor in the juvenile courts said he was "floored by the numbers" after a survey found 1,831 young people had been charged with assaulting a parent or guardian. Another called it an "alarming, alarming trend."

Assistant District Attorney Bill Hawkins, chief of the division that prosecutes offenders age 10 to 16 in Harris County, said office chatter last year suggested there might be a sharp increase in the number of children attacking parents. Because those cases are not routinely tracked by the courts or police, his office inventoried juvenile cases filed between January 2003 and last June.

"Those are just the (felony and Class A misdemeanor assault) cases where charges were accepted," Hawkins said. "That does not include Class C misdemeanors. Plus, there is a much larger figure that is not reported." [snip]

In one pending case from northwest Harris County, a 16-year-old girl is being held on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly shooting her stepfather in the head; the man, a financial consultant, survived.

Harris County Sheriff's Office investigators say there had been tension in the home after the girl acknowledged to her parents that she is gay. While the parents were generally accepting of her homosexuality, it remained an "undercurrent," said Sgt. Dennis Field.

When her mother, a teacher, drew the line at the boyish attire, the fighting got worse and and the girl started running away. Her stepfather took charge of the discipline, and then, about 4 a.m. on Feb. 16, the girl shot him three times as he lay with her mother in bed, Field said.

"She snapped," Field said, adding that the teen confessed to authorities a few hours after the incident.

Her stepfather still has a bullet lodged in the back of his head.

How exactly does a 16 y/o girl know she is homosexual? I will tell you, public school education that teaches about homosexuality and encourages young people to experiment. The liberal, progressive indoctrination in our schools are screwing up our children. When I grew up we were taught the anatomy and that it leads to children and sexual transmitted disease. The schools did not teach about the act of sex, homosexuality, masturbation, group masturbation or oral sex. Our parents and the schools discouraged us from having sex until we were married or at lest adults. Now our children are over sexualized and over sexed. Young girls have no shame, in fact, they are proud of their sexual escapades. We have got to take our country back form the secular progressive anything goes anti-moral crowd!

If you have a teenager that is abusing you do not be embarrassed get help. If you think your kid is heading down this road get them help early.


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