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This Did Not Have To Happen

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Pro-illegal immigration activists’ claims of racism, xenophobia, and hatred are beginning to fall on deaf ears as the death toll of Americans continues to rise at the hands of illegal aliens.

And while our President and our Congressional cretins continue to devise ways legalize millions of people who have illegally entered our nations, Americans are paying an extremely high price for our government to provide cheap labor to large corporations.

As most of my readers know, for almost the past two years now, my number one issue has been illegal immigration. I’ve written about the costs to the American taxpayer, the loss of jobs, and the loss of life at the hands of the illegal aliens. I’ve written about the illegal aliens among us that are child molesters, rapists, drunken drivers, identity thieves, vicious gang members, murderers, kidnappers, assassins, torturers, and other criminals.

This past week, like so many weeks in the past, has been extremely difficult for many American families. Last week, I wrote about just a few of American families that have had to pay the ultimate price for our government’s refusal to protect us from what has been referred to as a massive invasion of our borders. What other country in the world would allow 12-20 million foreigners to cross their border, take the jobs of their citizens, murder 12-25 citizens per day, and then march on their streets under foreign flags demanding rights and citizenship? What other country would give sanctuary to illegal foreigners and even propose laws to protect them from being identified for the laws they have broken?

Last week, a two-year old child was critically injured by an illegal alien who was drunk behind the wheel of his car and even though he is a flight risk, due to his illegal status, he is free on bond and roaming our streets.

There was also a death in Florida last week in which a driver was killed by an illegal alien that fled the scene of the accident, but was later arrested. Even six hours after the accident the illegal alien’s blood alcohol was still over the legal limit.

Then, there is a case that has received a little more media attention. After an accident took the lives of two young teenage girls in Virginia, it was found that the illegal alien driving the car that hit them was driving drunk. Ramos, like many other illegal aliens, was simply released back onto our streets.

Another case that is receiving more media attention is the death of Director Robert Clark and his son, Ariel Hanrath-Clark, at the hands of an alleged illegal alien who was driving with a blood alcohol level that was three times the legal limit.

Zoey, a frequent contributor, has found that in Nashville today, Gustavo Reyes Garcia, an illegal alien, is expected to plead guilty of drunken driving that resulted in the death of a Mt. Juliet couple. According to reports:

After the crash, authorities revealed that Garcia — a citizen of Mexico in the U.S. illegally — had been arrested at least 14 times before, including four times for driving drunk.

The article goes on to list just a few of Garcia’s encounters with law enforcement:

Besides the DUI cases, he had been charged with domestic assault, leaving the scenes of accidents, driving on a revoked or suspended license, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, theft, failing to have insurance and driving with an open container.

On at least one occasion, local authorities said, Garcia was flagged by federal authorities and deported from the country, only to return somehow and resume his streak of arrests.

Zoey also points out that Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) is blaming the city of Seattle for last Monday’s murder-suicide at the University of Washington:

Seattle newspapers reported Thursday morning that gunman Jonathan Rowan had been living in this country illegally for more than ten years. Stopped for drunken driving last June 30 by Seattle police, his residency status could have been determined, were it not for Seattle’s ridiculous policy. Generically called “Sanctuary Laws,” they tie the hands of police and allow foreign nationals a free pass to stay here illegally.

“The murder of Rebecca Griego was a horrible tragedy that did not have to happen,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan M. Gottlieb. “Unfortunately, liberal politicians who dominate Seattle government feel more comfortable trying to harass law-abiding firearms owners than looking for dangerous illegal aliens in our midst. Rowan was a prime example of why such ordinances should be abolished. It is because of policies like this - that protect people like Rowan - that honest citizens want to arm themselves.”

This “did not have to happen” and yet it continues every single day across America. These are just a few American families that are left to mourn their dead because our government ignores our pleas to protect our borders and enforce our immigration law.

And as illegal immigrants and their activists march in our streets, calling any person that supports the law of America a racist, their ideology of anarchy will continue to fall on deaf ears. The American people are outraged, not only at the foreigners who blatantly violate our laws, but also at our government’s unwillingness to uphold the laws of our nation.

This indeed did not have to happen, none of it. It is time to enforce our laws.

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