Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Obligatory Don Imus Post

I cannot believe all the uproar over what Don Imus has recently said. I don't listen to Don Imus and I never liked him, but he is an equal opportunity insulter. He has insulted almost every segment of society.

Were the women offended? I don't know, but the black women I met in my time in NYC ghettos would have had an attitude about it, not been offended. something along the lines of:
Oh no he didn't, tell me he didn't just call me no nappy headed ho.

Look, I listened to the clip in its context and it was obvious he was reaching for something funny to say. He started with tough hoes and then landed on nappy headed hoes. Is this the language I want to hear used in society? No, but I think the self appointed word police need to go away. If he was a black man, no one would be complaining about it.

That said, if you find this language offensive, you just wait until this younger generation starts emerging. Boys and girls of all races are listening to rap and hip hop and offensive language like this, and worse, as is usual in that type of music. I imagine that they will use those familiar words like water out of a hose. Imus could have even got the idea from rap and hip hop. He likes to think he is hip and probably listens to it to stay edgy. On Sharpton's show he actually said, don't give me that jive. He likes to use cool black language and they use hos all the time. He apologized, I wouldn't have, and that should have been that, but they want his job.

I am sick of minorities getting radio show hosts fired over being offended. You have no Constitutional right not to be offended. Get over yourselves and your skin color. Do what normal people do and boycott his show and let the market place decide his fate.

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