Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Muslim cabbies face license loss for refusing fares with alcohol

Well, it is about time this behavior is being reigned in. This brought to you from Minnesotastan...

From The Washington Times:
The Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport will begin suspending licenses of Muslim taxi drivers who refuse for religious reasons to provide service to passengers transporting alcohol.
The Metropolitan Airports Commission voted unanimously Monday to suspend a driver's airport taxi license for 30 days for the first offense and revoke it for two years after a second offense. The policy goes into effect May 11. [snip]

Previously, cabdrivers who refused to transport customers were sent to the back of the line, a punishment that has been handed out in nearly 5,000 instances since 2002, commission spokesman Patrick Hogan said. [snip]

Some drivers last year refused to carry passengers with seeing-eye dogs, which Muslims consider unclean. Mr. Hogan said that was limited to only three incidents.
The airport also is being sued by a group of imams who were kicked off a US Airways flight from Minneapolis to Phoenix in November after passengers and the flight crew reported suspicious behavior. The airline and passengers, also known as "John Does," are also targets of the lawsuit.
Although the lawsuit was filed March 12, Mr. Hogan confirmed the imams' lawyer has yet to officially serve the airport commission with the legal papers.
Let's not forget the grocery store workers refusing to ring up pork products.

We are being tested folks, to see if they can force Sharia law on us. I am glad we are starting to take a stand and forget about all this political correct nonsense. Remember last year a High mucky muck Imam told his followers to immigrate to western countries, but to stay together in your own communities. Do not assimilate into their cultures, rather create your own communities run by Sharia law. Then try and influence the nations laws to incorporate Sharia law into them. This certainly seems like what the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is testing here. Make no bones about it CAIR is behind this and they are a radical Muslim group.

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