Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Lebanese Christian says Pelosi sending wrong message to Arab world

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Form News One:
A Lebanese-American journalist and author says U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, by holding talks with the Syrian government, is emboldening enemies of the United States and sending them the message that the U.S. is divided in its support for the war on terror.

Speaker Pelosi has said she hopes to rejuvenate U.S. relations with Syria when she meets with dictator Bashar Assad and other Syrian officials in Damascus. But Brigitte Gabriel, author of Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America (St. Martin's Press, 2006) and president of AmericanCongressforTruth.org, believes Pelosi is sending the message to America's enemies that the U.S. is divided.

"Already, radio talk-show hosts in the Middle East and Arabic are making fun of our government," Gabriel notes, "saying that even the speaker of the House of the American government thinks that George Bush is stupid, and [that] they are here to represent the half of America who does not agree with the American aggression and wrongdoing in the Middle East."

This is "the last message we want to send our enemy," the author notes. And yet, she asserts, "this is what Pelosi's visit is doing to Syria."

During the U.S. House speaker's Mideast trip, she visited with Lebanese Parliament speaker Nabih Berri, a Shiite leader with the terrorist organization Hezbollah. Gabriel says Berri helped Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah get the terrorist group started in Lebanon.

The Lebanese-American journalist says Pelosi's recent meeting with Berri in Lebanon signals to the Arab world that she's "working with those who kill American Marines in Baghdad," since it is "in the Ain El Helwi camps in Lebanon that the Hezbollah is developing the IED, the roadside explosive bombs that are being detonated against our troops in Afghanistan and also in Iraq."

She is the third highest ranking Constitutional member of our government, she should not be doing this. It is the Executive Branch that is Constitutionally in charge of foreign policy, not congress. They say it is just fact finding, well you are supposed to get your facts on foreign relations FROM THE STATE DEPARTMENT; not our enemies. I wish the President would try every member of congress that has used OUR tax dollars to undermine our President abroad. Since this is not in their purview, they should be paying for these trips THEMSELVES, not using our tax dollars! You want to go make KISSY FACE with the leaders of rogue nations, do it on your own dime!

People this is treason, but it seems we do not prosecute people for treason or aiding and abetting the enemy any longer.

Pelosi wants to impeach Bush? I say he should go after her for her actions and get rid of her.

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