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The Land of the Free

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I am going to dispel a really crazy rumor that seems to be believed by many illegal aliens and their activists. America is not free. Yes, you read that right but just in case you misunderstood, I’ll repeat it for clarification.


And I am tired of paying the bill. Check this out:
On a blustery Monday morning, the new Gaithersburg day laborer center opened its doors for the first time to immigrant workers - many of whom are illegal or undocumented, depending which side you’re on - despite concerns from some area residents that the center would attract a criminal element. [snip]

Like those in Wheaton and Silver Spring, the non-profit, pro-immigration group CASA de Maryland operates the Gaithersburg day laborer center. CASA as a whole receives money from multiple sources - both private and public - but the laborer centers are paid mostly with county funds. For example, the county budgeted the Gaithersburg center $45,000 for set-up costs, part of an $115,000 initial contract for the center that will last until June 30. [snip]

The center itself is nothing more than trailer home with a few computers for CASA employees, some chairs and tables. Each morning CASA employees will ferry the workers in vans from their old meeting areas in downtown Gaithersburg to the new location. [snip]

CASA employees said that the windy, cold weather of late would most likely temper demand for the laborers for now. The workers seemed particularly happy to have shelter from the elements on a day when wind gusts were predicted to hit more than 50 mph, and they took advantage of the free coffee, croissants and sandwiches provided to them.

Took advantage, indeed. And isn’t it just so sweet and kind of the American taxpayer to not only build a center where the illegal aliens can hang out but we also offer shuttle service to the facilities and then serve them coffee, croissants, and sandwiches. I wonder how many unemployed Americans are being fed? I’ve never been down to the unemployment office but I’m thinking they aren’t serving up any grub or handing out free coffee. And a shuttle service? Forget about it.

But apparently tea and crumpets aren’t enough because, you know, it will never be enough. Now we are supposed to feel guilty because the poor illegal aliens don’t have dental insurance:
A sticker on the front door welcomes guests with the word “SMILE.”

But that’s the only resemblance between a legitimate dentist’s office and the Falls Church apartment at the top of a neglected stairway where people lined up for dental work recently.

Instead of a shiny linoleum floor that taps underfoot, there is cream-colored carpet dull with stains. In place of a waiting room lined with identical chairs, there is a sparse living room with furniture indifferently mismatched.

Yet 10 people, maybe more, flocked here March 25 to receive dental services from an unlicensed couple visiting from El Salvador, Fairfax County police said. Officers found a man receiving work in a chair. Others were waiting their turn.

Police arrested the Salvadoran couple, and within days, any sign of a clinic was gone. Many from the Hispanic and dental community say the incident underscores a larger problem in getting affordable medical and dental services to those who exist most on the margins — adult immigrants who fear the system and lack insurance. What other choices did the 10 people waiting that day have, dentists and Hispanic activists ask.

The article goes on and on trying to pull at the heartstrings of anyone that will fall for this garbage. But do you know what? Call me whatever you like - mean spirited, hardhearted, or lacking compassion - but that story doesn’t bring tears to my eyes, it makes me angry.

I am sick and tired of people from all over the world thinking they can come to America and receive everything for free that we have to work our butts off to obtain.

Dental work, just like healthcare, is not free. I pay hefty premiums for dental and health insurance after which I am gouged again for co-pays.

I hate to be the one to break it to all of the give-me-a-piggyback-ride-at-your-expense illegal aliens and their activists but America is the land of the free in regards to the rights of the people - goods and services have a price. And I am tired of paying the bill for people that should not be in this country in the first place.

Dental work and croissants - GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

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