Tuesday, April 24, 2007

First Playground For The Children Of Helmand

Just some good news for a change...

From CentCom:
HELMAND, Afghanistan - The first ever children’s playground
in Helmand province has been built in Lashkar Gah.
The play area, which is approximately 50 x 100 meters, has swings,
climbing frames, a football pitch and a covered picnic area with
It was built by local Afghan contractors at a cost of $52,000 and
has been funded and coordinated by the United Kingdom ’s Civil
Military Cooperation team.
“They haven’t got anything like that in Helmand . This is the
first of what we hope is going to be a lot more” said SSgt. Hutton
Story and photos by ISAF Public Information Office
The initial idea for the playground was suggested by an ISAF
soldier, who whilst patrolling the town, had seen children playing
on a makeshift see-saw made from a plank of wood. The proposal
was put to the CIMIC team who agreed to fund the project through
the UK ’s Quick Impact Project fund.
The construction of the playground was done in full cooperation
and it and since it was installed they haven’t stopped using it
which makes it all worthwhile.”
from the UK CIMIC team. “It has a football pitch, benches, play
apparatus and we’ve planted some hedgerows. The children love
with the Mayor of Lashkar Gah. It has been such a success
work has now started on a second playground in Lashkar Gah
there are plans for a third in the nearby town of Gereshk.
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