Thursday, April 12, 2007

Duke Lacross Rape Case

Well, I was right again. The DA was just playing politics and he got caught. Unfortunately, due to his politicking and the race baiters, (Sharpton, Black Panthers and Jesse Jackson) who convicted those boys with no trial, lives were ruined.

Now the professors who injected themselves into this case and convicted these boys publicly should apologize and say they were wrong. Do you think that will happen? Nope, they signed another letter saying we will never know what happened in this case and where is the justice for the woman? Never expect liberal intellectuals to admit they were wrong.

Let's just cover some points off the top of my head in this case.

  1. The accused kept changing her story.
  2. One boy had an air tight alibi.
  3. The DA never interviewed the alleged victim.
  4. The alleged victim was a stripper.
  5. We later found out she was also a prostitute.
  6. Her friend who was there changed her story and said it did not happen.
  7. We had time stamped pictures showing her injuries were present before the alleged rape happened.
  8. She has falsely accused others in the past.
  9. There was no physical evidence.
  10. The DA withheld important evidence from defense.
  11. That evidence was semen taken from the alleged victim which did not belong to any member of the Duke lacrosse team.
  12. The semen belonged to four other men which she had sex with before she showed up to strip.
  13. She turns out to be pregnant with the right time frame to be related and it was not the baby of the accused.

If you want more details there is a time line here

This case should never have been brought, it was about politics. It was about a majority black community that was thinking with their skin and their monetary class. The woman must be telling the truth because she is a lower class black woman and they were rich white boys.

For the Liberal Professors it was an exercise in "Social Justice".

The accuser in rape cases are protected by rape shield laws, so they remain anonymous. The Accused is not protected and their identity is made public. This sets the stage for abuse by women. They can accuse any man and ruin their lives with impunity. If the accuser gets protected so should the accused or we will have more of these false rape charges.

I don't know how you men out there work in places with women. I would insist I was never alone with any woman.

I am seeing a pattern of emasculation in our society. Schools are geared towards girls and the way girls behave. If a boy acts like a boy he will get into trouble. The teaching style is geared towards girls and this has caused more girls going to college than boys. Then there is the Metro sexual movement and the threat of charges of rape or sexual harassment in the work place where men cannot be men.

We are becoming a matriarchal society and I don't like it one bit.

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