Friday, April 06, 2007

Democrats Fight Sam Fox Nomination, Charge He Cannot Serve Without Pay

Ya know as a minority party the Democrats whined, complained, stamped their feet and held their breath like a petulant child. Now as a majority party, i don't see much of a change...

From FNC:
Democrats opposed to President Bush's nomination of Sam Fox as the new U.S. ambassador to Belgium posed a new challenge Thursday, charging that the fact Fox will serve without pay makes him a 'volunteer,' and that the government cannot accept his unpaid services.

Democrats are vehemently against the appointment and are investigating a new twist in the former Swiftboat Veterans for Truth contributor's appointment.

It is possible Fox might now be, as a "volunteer", in violation of another U.S. law, Democrats charge, in his new position as an ambassador.

In a letter sent today, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Democrats Chris Dodd, John Kerry and Bob Casey ask the General Accounting Office, the nonpartisan watchdog arm of Congress, to expedite an investigation into a conflict between competing U.S. codes that could, if resolved as Democrats hope, leave Fox without a job.

In a Democratic memo obtained by FOX News that made the rounds on Capitol Hill last week when the nomination was pulled by the White House, an analysis of GAO recess appointment research shows a possible conflict in Fox working for free and the government being unable to accept unpaid services from a person in a position, like ambassador, that has a fixed salary in federal statute.
My problem with the democrats, on this one, is that is the petty politics behind it. So what Fox gave his money to Swift Boat Vets for truth? That is a contribution involved in politics and should have nothing to do with his appointment. Do you want either side to make decisions on who to approve for positions in our government based on what political contributions they make?

From USA Today:
When President Bush decided this week that the Democratic-led Senate was playing politics with his nominees, he once again used powers as old as the U.S. Constitution to make recess appointments.

Bush ranks fourth among modern presidents in granting such appointments, bypassing the Senate 165 times to get his nominees in place, according to the Senate historian's office. Ronald Reagan holds the record with 243 appointments.

The Constitution authorized recess appointments so presidents could fill key vacancies during long periods of congressional inactivity, which was the norm in early U.S. history....[snip]

The Senate has been on break for a week.
I just thought that was interesting.

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