Tuesday, April 17, 2007

British Newspaper Asks, 'What Price the Right to Bear Arms?'

From WaPo:
In Britain, there was shock at the scale of the killings, but many people said they were not surprised, seeing the United States as a nation obsessed with guns, where firearms are easy to obtain.

"I think the reason it happens in America is there's access to weapons -- you can go into a supermarket and get powerful automatic weapons," Keith Ashcroft, a psychologist, told the Press Association. Ashcroft said he believed such access, along with a culture that makes gun ownership seem normal, increases the likelihood of such attacks in the United States.
It seems British people know nothing about the USA. You cannot buy guns in supermarkets and you certainly cannot buy automatic weapons without allot of money and a special tax and registration. They also forget about the shooting in Scotland a few years back, which is in the UK. Even with the strict UK ban on firearms that did not stop their tragic school shooting.

I was waiting for some anti-gun idiot to start down this road over the Virginia Tech shooting. The reason the shooter was able to kill so many people is simple, they didn't have any guns to shoot back!

If you create a gun free zone you encourage this kind of tragedy. If I was a terrorist I would go to an elementary school and kill as many small children as I could. Which of course would be any I wanted until the police show up and use a GUN to stop me. What would stop this kind of terror is an armed citizenry, not a disarmed citizenry. This shooting and others illustrate the need to be armed to limit the amount of people killed by people like this one.

Europeans are all blaming this on "Lax" gun laws...

In France, news of the shootings dominated the Web pages of every major French newspaper. Bloggers responding to the reports overwhelmingly blamed the tragedy on what they called lax American rules on gun ownership.

"In France, it is incomprehensible for us to understand what could prompt someone to own a handgun," a blogger identified as Aliosha wrote on the Web site of the daily newspaper Liberation, adding that it is "the right (almost the duty) for each American to be able to obtain a weapon without much trouble."
That is because in Europe you do not even have the right to defend yourselves. If the teachers had been armed, this would have ended sooner. If the college students had been armed it would have ended even sooner. But the anti-gun cowards who would never defend themselves are going to use this to try and restrict the rights of honest citizens even more than the over 20,000 gun laws we already have on the books.

Watch for the revival of the assault weapons ban real soon.

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