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Illegal Aliens - just doin’ the job Americans won’t

In Madison, Tennessee police busted a Mexican brothel and suspect there are at least 10 more of them in the Nashville area. Supposedly the prostitutes were being held against their will and were in their 30’s but at that age it seems a bit of a stretch to call it human trafficking.

From Nashville City Paper (Thursday):
Human trafficking suspected at Madison brothel

Inside they found two “working girls,” as well as a manager and an armed guard.

Police took all four individuals into custody, charging Santos Perez, the manager, with promoting prostitution, Jose Angel Zuleta Garcia, the guard, with promoting prostitution and the illegal use of a firearm, and the two girls, Tomaja Ramirez, 30, and Gregoria Santi-De Dios, 33, with prostitution.

All four individuals are suspected illegal immigrants from Mexico, authorities said. Customs agents have placed federal immigration holds on each of them.

Metro Vice Squad Detective Joe Ladnier said police believe this particular house had been in operation for four-to-six weeks and that the women were seeing between six and 10 clients every day.

Ladnier said the department believes there are at least another 10 similar Mexican brothels located throughout Nashville, but perhaps even more.

From the Tennessean today -

Two women arrested at a Madison home doubling as a brothel appear to have been working as prostitutes voluntarily, Metro police said Thursday.

Investigators have been scrutinizing last week’s raid at 124 Welworth St., because of a federal bust in November that turned up at least two women brought to Nashville from Mexico who were being used as sex slaves. One in that case was an underage girl who told authorities she had been told she would be working at a Nashville restaurant.

Yep, just more illegal aliens working hard at jobs that Americans won’t do!

From Numbers USA we find out that one shuffle the Administration is planning is the step in, step out plan pushed by Rep. Mike Pence (R) while at the same time opening the flood gates with Green cards.

While the media (and all of us activists) have been mostly focused on blocking Sen. Kennedy’s latest (yet-unveiled) amnesty, Karl Rove and his White House crew have been shuttling Senators and Representatives in and out almost non-stop trying to build momentum for THEIR newly hatched attempt at an amnesty.

The groups trekking to the White House are mostly Republican but are including Democrats, too.

We are told that at least a few supposedly anti-amnesty Members of Congress have already given their approval to this new White House plan. Their willingness to do so is reportedly because the White House argues that new features make it possible to give illegal aliens citizenship without distracted voters recognizing that it is an amnesty.

Among the features appear to be echoes of the “step-out-step-in” portion of the Pence Amnesty plan from last year where at some point illegal aliens have crossed the border for a few hours or days before coming back in and applying for a path to citizenship.

Although the White House is not saying so directly, it appears that it plans to have a massive increase in annual green cards in order to accommodate the step-out-step-in citizenship applicants.

The White House is preying on the fear of many Members of Congress that if they don’t soon pass something that looks like a solution to the 12 million illegal aliens, they will suffer political fallout.

Roy Beck (Numbers USA) tells us what was said at a recent gathering in Wash. DC of the American Legion the Administration said:

Representing the Bush Administration during the immigration event was Alfonso Aguilar from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

In essence, he let the American Legion know that the Bush Administration regards the Legion’s solutions as naive and unworkable.

Aguilar said the Administration agrees on the need for a secure border and tougher enforcement against employers. But refusal to give citizenship to the 12 million illegal aliens already here is a threat to national security, he said.

Besides, he said, America desperately needs foreign workers.


Because “we have American families not having kids.” Aguilar’s arguments paralleled the insulting comments one often finds on radical leftist and ethnic blogs in which America’s citizens are described as increasingly aging, impotent and helpless people who don’t have enough strength or smarts to continue to run their country — and not enough passion for having their own country to keep it.

Aguilar said all over America he hears businesses say that Americans aren’t having enough kids to provide a workfoce.

“To think we could keep our economy going on native-born Americans is totally unrealistic,” the Administration spokesman said.

That is why the Administration is pushing to turn illegal aliens into “guest workers,” he said.

Looking into the sea of American Legion hats, he told the veterans that if they backed strong border security without offering legal status to illegal aliens they would be suporting an insecure American in which 12 million illegal aliens would be living in the shadows without our knowing who they are.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email stiknstein-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.

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