Monday, March 26, 2007

Brown Is Beautiful? What About Mexico?

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Brown may, in fact, be beautiful.

But in Mexico these days, pinko seems to be the dominant hue.

In an unbelievable reminder of why Mexico is, and will probably forever remain, a third-world cesspool, last fall President Vicente Fox was unable to deliver his state of the nation speech after leftist lawmakers seized the podium of Congress.

And the speaker of Mexico’s lower house asked for security personnel to ensure that the swearing in of President-elect Felipe Calderon could be accomplished after legislators scuffled over control of the congressional dais.

Mexico House Speaker Prepared to Ensure Calderon's Inauguration

When he finally delivered his speech on national television on September 2, Vicenete Fox said, in part: “Whoever attacks our laws and institutions also attacks our history and Mexico.

Can you imagine that? Laws and institutions actually have meaning in Mexico!

What a pity that Fox, and now Felipe Calderson, and other Mexican banditos of that ilk, do not have a similar regard for U.S. “laws and institutions.”

Instead, the Mexican government has dumped tens of millions of uneducated, poor illegal aliens on the backs of American taxpayers.

Regrettably, Mexico has been willfully aided and abetted in this immoral and illegal conduct by U.S. politicians, including our so-called president, many Republican members of Congress, and virtually all Democrats.

Some pundits suggest that Mexico’s political unrest has the potential of escalating into all out civil war and or violence.

Thus, U.S. leaders charged with defending the American people should act immediately to secure our borders.

It is also imperative that American leaders “connect the dots” between the anarchy now crippling Mexico and the millions of illegal aliens who marched in the streets of America last April and May to protest the rule of law in this sovereign nation.

Before accepting “Brown is beautiful” as a universal truth, U.S. leaders must recognize that events in Mexico and on the streets of America suggest quite the opposite.

John Lillpop is a recovering liberal.
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