Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"What Is the American?"

In light of the Supreme Court decision today about affirmative action, I must share this with you.

From ushistory.org 

MICHEL-GUILLAUME DE CRÈVECOEUR was a French settler in the American colonies in the 1770s. Coming from France he could not believe the incredible diversity in the American colonies. Living in one area, he encountered people of English, Welsh, Scots-Irish, German, French, Irish, Swedish, Native American, and African descent. "What then is the American, this new man?" He could not be sure, but he knew it to be different from anything that could be found on the European side of the Atlantic.

Now, we did not need Federal government laws to get along during the founding of this great nation and we do not need them now. And although I know that this is a victory for liberty, it should not have gone to the United States Supreme Court. Show me where, in Article Three of the Constitution, that the Supreme Court has any say in what law which a State decides to enact is allowed to do so. It doesn't. How dare these idiots in black robes tell a State anything. The arrogance of the court system infuriates me. We need to get away from this gerbil wheel of going to the courts for everything or listening to them. They do not make law, WE THE PEOPLE DO! We decide what is good for our local community and State. We have the power, not them. Whether they make a decision that we as Constitutional Conservatives agree with or not, we need to stop going to them for decisions that effect our lives and our State. They only deal with foreign matters and that's it!

Show Notes 04/20/2014

Sunday Show 4/20/14

History of Easter
The exact origins of this religious feast day’s name are unknown. Some sources claim the word Easter is derived from Eostre, a Teutonic goddess of spring and fertility. Other accounts trace Easter to the Latin term hebdomada alba, or white week, an ancient reference to Easter, which celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead, is Christianity’s most important holiday.

Captain America beats off Johnny Depp and singing parrots
Captain America continues to vanquish box office foes, triumphing in ticket sales for the third consecutive week and beating formidable contender Johnny Depp. "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" added another $26 million to its coffers, according to studio estimates Sunday, while Depp's sci-fi thriller, "Transcendence," opened in fourth place with $11 million.

Congressman introduces “Contempt Act” to withhold Eric Holder's salary
Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) has introduced a bill called the "Contempt Act," which would prevent current and future federal employees from collecting their taxpayer-funded salaries as long as they're being held in contempt of Congress.

Whitefish shortage causing Passover meal problems
A shortage of whitefish in the Great Lakes region resulting partly from the winter deep freeze is coming at an inconvenient time for Jewish families: the Passover holiday, when demand is high because it's a key ingredient in a traditional recipe.

Colorado Dems abandon abortion bill after Archbishop leads rally at Statehouse
Democrats in the Colorado state Senate abandoned a NARAL-supported bill that would have banned “interference with an individual’s reproductive health care decisions” after Denver Archbishop Samuel Aquila led a rally of more than a thousand pro-life activists on the steps of the statehouse Tuesday.

Stockpiles of Roche Tamiflu drug are waste of money, review finds
Researchers who have fought for years to get full data on Roche's flu medicine Tamiflu said on Thursday that governments who stockpile it are wasting billions of dollars on a drug whose effectiveness is in doubt.

Five facts about Marijuana
Pot enthusiasts celebrate April 20 as the international day of marijuana. This drug, long outlawed in the United States, has gained growing public acceptance. Both Washington state and Colorado now allow legal sales of recreational marijuana to adults ages 21 or older.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sunday Show 4/13/14

Palm Sunday
Programs of sacred music are performed in many towns and cities in the United States on Palm Sunday. In many Christian churches, Palm Sunday includes a procession of the assembled worshipers carrying palms, representing the palm branches the crowd scattered in front of Jesus as he rode into Jerusalem.

Many Christians in the United States remember Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, which marks the beginning of Holy Week. This day is also on the Sunday before Easter Sunday.

Senate sends Governor bill banning United Nations election monitors in Tennessee
The Senate has sent to Gov. Bill Haslam legislation that, if he signs its, would declare that the United Nations is banned from monitoring elections in Tennessee.

Oops, Obama champion scrubbed from website
Without any explanation, the White House has scrubbed from its website an amnesty advocate who was honored by President Obama, but who was then indicted for immigration fraud.

EPA Concedes: We Can’t Produce All the Data Justifying Clean Air Rules
Seven months after being subpoenaed by Congress, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Gina McCarthy conceded that her agency does not have - and cannot produce - all of the scientific data used for decades to justify numerous rules and regulations under the Clean Air Act.

Chocolate Toothpaste Hits Marketplace
Just when you think you've seen it all, something new appears on the store shelves and this time it's a chocolate-flavored toothpaste. But be prepared to spend some money as this new item doesn't come cheap.

Shay's Rebellion Part One

In the rural parts of New England, particularly in central and western Massachusetts, the economy during the American Revolutionary War had been one of little more than subsistence agriculture. Most residents in these areas had little in the way of assets beyond their land, and often bartered with one another for goods or services.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Show Notes 04/10/2014

Thursday Show 4/10/14

Under attack: Depth of federal arms race should surprise, shock citizenry
It may come as a surprise to many U.S. taxpayers, but a slew of federal agencies — some whose responsibilities seem to have little to do with combating crime — carry active law enforcement operations.

Nevada officials blast Feds over treatment of cattle rancher Cliven Bundy
Two of Nevada’s top elected leaders are riding to the rescue of a rancher whose decades-long range war with the federal government has reached a boiling point in recent days.

North Korea names space agency NADA
North Korea marked the one-year anniversary of its space agency’s founding this week by naming it the National Aerospace Development Administration (NADA).

Earth's magnetic field source: sebra stripes
Strange stripelike features in Earth's magnetic field are caused by the planet's spin, and not by the constant bombardment of solar particles as previously thought, scientists say.

Angry motorists prompt nationwide camera backlash
Angry motorists are fed up with having to shell out big bucks to pay fines generated by red light cameras and speed cameras.

Lesson has schoolkids comparing Martin Luther King to cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal

A lesson plan asking students to draw parallels between late civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. and convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal is an “absolute disgrace,” the widow of the fallen officer told FoxNews.com.

The Snooper Report

Brian received this e-mail from Mark Harvey and he wants to share it.

Just an update.

On 1.2.14, the day after I did mt farewell BTR show for Tim "Loki" Kerlin, I went to the hospital thinking I had a stroke.  After the hospital, I went to a Rehab/Nursing Home for 4 weeks and a day.  So, for 5 weeks and a day, I thought I had a stroke so recovery should have gone better than it was.  Well...

I went to a neurologist and we both looked at the MRIs and the CatSacans and he discovered that I did not have a stroke at all.

I was at the hospital, I told several doctors that I had a lump on my left hand neck and they said at first that it was brain cancer but soon learned later that it was a benign tumor.  Imagine that.  I told them to take it out and they said
I would have to wait 6 months while I recovered from the stroke.  I said that is BS but they wouldn't do the surgery.

So, over three months later, more MRIs and CatScans and Sonograms were done and they said, "Hey! You have a tumor that is rubbing on the carotid artery giving you stroke-like symptoms.  I said, "Good thing you maroons don't listen to the paying customer, eh?"  I told them that on 1.3.14!

So, anyway, as I write this note right handed, I am now waiting for a shoulder surgeon to repair 2 each torn tendons and 1 each torn ligament on the left shoulder and work on the left wrist which can't move and a tumor doctor ( ears nose and throat) to take care of this crap from the tumor.

I have been writing books and what-not seeing that politics wears me out now and here is the link for the PUBLISHED books, not the pdf forms.


The Biblical Basis of the American Federal Constitution and The Whole Armour of God are also on Ebooks where you can download them into whatever you have to read them on.  I do believe that the errors and corrections are now taken care of.

I have many more to publish but it is difficult just using the right hand.

So, there is my 3-month update.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

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Sunday Show 4/6/14

The Bill Of Rights has been revoked
While you were focused on the missing Airliner, there was a little case being heard in front of the Supreme Court called U.S. v. Castleman. The case was a landmark win for the gun control left wing, but what no one realized, is that our Constitution no longer affords us “rights.”

North Dakota most trusted state: Illinois least
The people of North Dakota put more trust and confidence in their state government than people in any other state, while the people of Illinois put the least.

First Lady tells children bees are good
First lady Michelle Obama told school children Wednesday that the White House garden is going to help restore the dying bee population.

Church fight club pits Pastor against Pastor
A new documentary examines the relationship between Christianity and mixed martial arts as it follows a group of pugilistic pastors who would rather beat each other up in the cage than do as Jesus and turn the other cheek.

Catholic Bishop says Sen. Durbin not permitted to receive Holy Communion
Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) is “not permitted to receive Holy Communion” under the law of the Catholic Church, according to Bishop Thomas J. Paprocki, who heads the diocese of Springfield, Ill., which is Durbin’s home city.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Show Notes 04/03/2014

Thursday Show 4/3/14

Fort Hood shooting repeat renews calls for ending gun restrictions on base
The fatal shooting Wednesday at Fort Hood, the second in less than five years, has renewed calls for Congress and the Defense Department to end restrictions on servicemembers carrying weapons on post.

Fort Hood: Yet another tragedy from our broken mental health care system
It is now an old story, made new again by the tragic events of the second Fort Hood shooter. Untreated, under treated or poorly treated mental illness leads to horrific violence.

Obama’s war on pizza
On the eighth day, God created pizza. It made everyone forget the forbidden fruit. So it’s almost sacrilegious that the feds are attacking the pizza business. Nobody should be surprised to learn that the source is Obamacare, thanks to its food police provision tacked on in the Senate.

Beer marinade lowers Cancer risk in grilled meat
Meat and beer: The two best things of barbecue season. Now, grilled meat marinated in your favorite brew is even better, thanks to science.

Health myth: Low-intensity workouts burn the most fat calories
The Question: I want to burn fat (and get rid of that layer of flab that's covering my abs). Should I work out at a low intensity? The Expert: Mike Donavanik, C.S.C.S., C.P.T., personal trainer and creator of Extreme Burn: Ripped

Under attack: Depth of federal arms race should surprise, shock citizenry
In late February, four federal agents carrying side arms with a drug-sniffing dog descended on the Taos Ski Valley in what was called a “saturation patrol.” Authorities were working on tips of possible drug selling and impaired driving in the ski resort’s parking lot and surrounding